Saturday 7 February 2015

Sneak peek....

The Valentines mantle isn't quite finished yet.
As always with my "little ideas",
 they evolve into something a "little bigger", so has this one!
In the meantime....
 a little sneak peek of the making of my Valentines mantle.

An old cut up picture frame, mdf letters, 
a polystyrene heart, glue, paint, fabric and sparkly buttons makes….

I guess you have all figured it out!?  

I spend a lot of time playing around with the paint to get the right shade of blush, 
a little of this.... a little of that.... then a little more of this, 
of course most of paint ending up on my hands, 
 you get the idea.

It never got finished yesterday…. 
The sun put his hat on and came out to play in the afternoon. 
This has been a rather rare thing around here over the last couple of days,
 I just had to drop tools for a little fun in the sun.  
 Hip Hip hurray…. 
this little girl was so delighted….  
it was so lovely but oooooooooh boy it was very cold!
Today my work got in the way of the finishing.  
Don't get me wrong I like where I work and I have lovely colleagues 
that have made me feel very welcome in Berlin, but when I have a project 
I want to get finished everything else is an unwanted distraction, especially work.

Maybe tomorrow between the domestic chores & a museum trip
I will be able to steal a couple of hours to get my "little idea" finished.  
Fingers crossed.


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