Thursday 24 December 2015

Happy Holidays....

here we are, Christmas Eves evening has arrived. 
And as always on this day 
my head has been spinning with  
 a million & one things I still had to do. 
  I knew I need to get some "me" time today, 
so I started the day extra early,
just enjoy a bit of calm before the storm. 
I soOo LOVE early mornings in December,
when all is quiet and the darkness is only broken
by the magical sparkle of fairy lights & glitter.

 The only one keeping me company at this early hour
was the jolliest Mr Claus ever.
Seriously.... who wants breakfast at Tiffany's 
when you can have breakfast with Santa.

 Now as the day is drawing to a close
with the prepping rush mostly behind me....
I thought I share with you
a little heart warming miracle from my home.   
Last Sunday the Paperdolls build a Gingerbread house.

I have to confess we used a shop bought kit,
but when you haven't got enough time as it is
for all the things you like to do in this season,
 then you have to set priorities.
And for the Paperdolls
building & decorating a Gingerbread house
was the priority, not baking it!

Watching the Paperdolls work together with no fuss,
was like watching a little miracle!
So heart warming to see....
It doesn't happen very often
that they can work together without bickering
and the Paperdolls seldom
 managing to agree on anythings.
Not just did they work beautifully together 
they also managed to agree on everything.

They where just having great fun together.
Helping one anther and
giggling together
even as the icing came out the wrong end,
going everywhere.

Watching there happiness
and sense of accomplishment
as the house was finally standing,
was magical for me.

The Paperdolls are of the opinion
no Gingerbread house is a
REAL Gingerbread house without
LOTS & LOTS of sweets.


Just as may sweets must have ended up in there tummy's
as did on the house.
I was informed though building work was hard work
after-all and they had to keep up there strength.

A few missing sweets was a little price to pay 
for the joy they gave me watching them
enjoying themselves & each-other so much. 
Miracles do happen!!!


From my home to yours
  ....wherever you are in the world....  
Happy Holidays


may your days be 

wish you!

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