Tuesday 8 December 2015


December seams to move at lighting speed,
so many things to do....  places to go....
yet oh soOoOo little time left before the big day.
In times like these I can sometimes find myself
struggling to decide what needs my attention most urgently,
 I feel pulled in all directions.
There never is enough time
 for many the beautiful treats this season has to offer....
  really indulge & cherish the whole gift wrapping fun for one.
I sooooo LOVE wrapping presents.
Yet I feel a little guilty at this time of year spending time faffing
when there is so much else needing my attention
and so I have found myself many are past Christmas Eves
wrapping gift late into the night making it less that fun,
more a chore I have come to dread if I'm totally honest.  
Same procedure as last year Mrs Anna....
same procedure as ever year!!! 
 No not this year,
I am happy to say yesterday afternoon I left 
 the guilt behind and indulged....
with candles flickering,  my favorite mix of 
 of vintage & 80's Christmas songs playing and
under the jolly gaze of Mr.Claus
I started wrapping and embellishing my first few pressies.

For me half the present has always been it's wrapping.
I adore beautiful gift wrapping, 
it just make the excitement for the gift inside 
that little more special.
And when I wrap a gift for family & friends 
 I always try to keep the recipient in mind 
choosing a style of wrapping I know they love.

My all-time favorite wrapping papers has to be
plain old brown parcel paper.
I LoVe it's simplicity.... 
When it comes to ribbons on the other hand
luxury all the way is my motto....
I indulge my LoVe for patterns, textures & sparkle   
....together in my book they make the perfect wrapping.   

 I like to add 
a little personal touches....
Baby Paperdoll has been busy cutting
amazingly detailed paper-snowflakes over the past few days.
I LOVE LoVe LOVE them....
they make a beautiful window decoration not just for Christmas
 especially when snow is longed-for but non is in sight.
I couldn't resist though using a few of them for my wrapping.


I know the people who will receive them 
will love & cherish them just as much as I do.


A few hearts left over
 from my crochet Valentines garland 
have been waiting for the perfect use....

A personalized note card
plus a sweet little tags with the receptions initial
finishes the gift parcel off perfectly.

I had a wonderful afternoon....

 Truth be told I LOVED every minute of 
faffing around trying this & that.
Now I better HOP TO IT....
 there still a few urgent thing on my TO DO list....
before the big day.

Have a wonderful week!



  1. I love your pretty packaging! I really enjoy that bit too as long as I do it in stages and don't get too overwhelmed. I always especially love doing it for my girlfriend's birthdays to make them feel very special!

  2. Hello Anna, your packaging is beautiful! I also love to do that before Christmas. It is important to enjoy some bit in this busy time of the year too...
    Love, Ida

  3. I'd feel very special indeed if someone took such great care of wrapping a gift like that for me, I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled.
    Looks like the perfect way to spend an afternoon.
    Lisa x

  4. Thank you for your comment, Savanna was happy with her costume, PHEW! It's all about finding something easy to do and which they are happy to be seen in!
    Wishing you and your family and very Happy Christmas too.
    Lisa x