Friday 20 May 2016

My little Bambi....

Last week we celebrated a very special Birthday!

Teen paperdoll turned 18!
She is an adult!?!
Not to sure how I feel about that? 
Looking at her my little Bambi,
I wonder how we got here sOoOo fast.

My little girl has always been leaving a little sparkle
behind wherever she goes....

A little shy with a self-doubting nature,
she always radiates everywhere with her smile.
Going through life like the young Bambi
open minded & curious for the new.
She has been a bookworm from the first day she could hold a book.
My Bambi is a beautifully creative girl with a wonderful imagination.
Never afraid to be outside the mainstream
with a strong sense of fairness she is honest,
even when it isn't favorable to herself.
She has such a caring soul which will always make
her stand for the outsider & the underdog.

However the last 18 years have not been without their challenges....
....especially in the early teen years.
Nothing earth shattering but there have been tears....
....many many tears
....during those times I was the "oh SO uncool mother".
A label I have been wearing with pride!!
It is so easy to give into your child's every whim for a quiet life
....Oh sooooo easy....
however I have never seen myself as my children's
friend.... mate.... pal....
during there growing-up phase of life.
I'm a parent!
Therefore I have to do & say things,
sometimes make decisions that are in my childrens best interest
even if they don't see it that way at the time.
But I'm guessing with no plans by teen paperdoll for moving out
anytime soon, living with us isn't all that bad
and we are very happy to have her around for a little longer!

After 18 years of
mostly great....  happy.... very funny....
a few emotional and some sad moments
my little Bambi has blossomed....

 into a wonderfully thoughtful, smart, well mannered
young woman with a great work ethic!
I'm so very proud of her!!!

My little Bambi




  1. Very many happy birthday wishes you to your beautiful girl.
    A lovely post from one proud mum!
    Lisa x

  2. Your lovely girl sounds just as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside.
    Happy Birthday to her!