Monday 23 May 2016

Very Excited....

Remember this....
I shared the beginnings with you here
way back on a grey November day last year.
I had hoped to have this little project finished
to share with you by the end of that month.
However one thing led to another....
putting this way down on my priority list.

Now many.. many.. many.. lattes later
the finish line is finally in sight!

I'm very exited....

Weather permitting for photos,
I hope to share it with you later this week.

Famous last words....

Until then have a great week all!


  1. Hello Anne, your scarf looks very nice, I love the colours!
    Have a nice evening,
    Love from Ida

  2. I'm excited for you.
    Enjoy those lattes and teacakes in the mean time!
    Lisa x

  3. Gorgeous colours - looking forward to the big reveal.

  4. Hi! gorgeous colors. thank you for visiting my blog. Nice that you leave some words so I could find the way to your great blog. have a nice evening .
    Love from Christina