Thursday 25 August 2016

I have Sunshine....


The Sun has finally found it's way to the 
Scottish Highlands!!!

We have been blessed with a week of mostly sunshine,
with very few raindrops interrupting!
We are having a mini summer after all!
Unsurprisingly the sun arrived just in time 
for the first day back at School,
honestly though I couldn't care less 
....I have SUN!!
....Long may it last....

I have made the most of this lovely weather when I wasn't working.
Open windows & doors to let the warm sunny breeze into my house,
washing drying outside on the line
OoOh what a joy!!!
Yes I'm so very easily pleased.

It's back to School time with the term started again last week with
that has come back our familiar early weekday mornings routine.
Just now, our starts are even a little earlier then last term,
as baby Paperdoll has started High School. 
BIG step for her & me!!!
A little nervous & shy on her first day in High School
...who can blame her....
she has since taken the new & unfamiliar
in her stride and adapted very well!!
WoW.... what an ENORMOUS relief that is for me! 

Over the last few weeks I have been painting every evening,
a little this & that,
not just in shades of white may I add.... 

blue was the choice to up-cycle this garden bench we picked up
very cheaply for the front of the house.
I LoVe how a lick of paint really can change
the feel & look of a piece furniture.  

I have cherished every free minute in the sunshine
on my beautiful "new" bench!
It is incredibly satisfying to use something you
have up-cycled or made yourself.
This cushion I stitched years ago and yet it still fills
me with happiness every time see it!  

The Roses & Lilly's we planted earlier in the month
have flourished in the sunshine, rewarding us
with plenty of stunning blossoms.

This lovely weather has also allowed us to get on
with some of the unfinished jobs around the garden.... first attempt laying the path was rudely interrupted by rain....
finally last Sunday Mr Mc & I finished the
first part of the path, cut pieces included!
Now I'm hoping for a good (at least dry) weekend so we
can get the rest done and finally build the gate for our drive.
 Fingers crossed!!! 

is without question tremendously rewarding....
you just have to except that it will take a lot of patience & plenty of time
before you get to enjoy those rewards fully!



  1. Hello Anna, oh, I am so lucky for you... It means so much to have some sun and summer... Hope it lasts still!
    I love your roses and your blue garden bench, wishing you a sunny week end! ( here it is raining...)
    Love from Ida

  2. I'm so happy that you finally got some of the summer weather you were so badly wanting. You are clearly making the most of it! Hope you have a a sunny weekend ahead of you.

  3. Forgot to say...I ADORE those little colorful houses!

  4. Glad to hear the start of senior school went well for your daughter, we have that in a couple of weeks! What a relief for you knowing she was ok.
    How lovely you and your husband work so well together around the home, makes things so much easier when tasks are shared and you can look back with pride on what you have accomplished together.
    Hope there is some sunshine to come and you get to enjoy more happy times on the bench!
    Lisa x

  5. Dear Anna
    I'm so glad you finally got summer and sunshine, and so good for you to be able to finish the parth. I'm also happy for your daughter, getting started Well in School.
    I wish You and your family a lovely day 🌸

    Love Lone