Saturday 6 August 2016

Longing for Summer....

Oh my word are we really in August already???
 In a blink of an eye....  August has arrived!
....where oh where has the time gone?

The last few weeks have been busy BuSy BUSY for me.
Indulging in heavenly cakes like this lemon & syrup cake made
by teen Paperdolls have helped to sweetened them somewhat.

 Thank you soOoOo much for all your lovely comments on my last post,
I have taken a little break from hexagons for the moment
and instead focusing my creative attention on my
up to now none existent Garden.

 A few roses where planted,

 a picket fence was built and I'm currently
working on a new path, more on all that hopefully very soon.

I have also been traveling a fair bit, exploring the West Coast
of Scotland with my family and visiting dear friends in Yorkshire.
 July has given me many beautiful & happy moments that will become
cherished memories for me,  for that I'm truly grateful!
But boy OH boy what is going on with the weather?
July 2016 most definitely let me down on the that front
and August hasn't started much better!
The weather here has really been TRULY & UTTERLY PANTS.
I Love candles, having them lit however on most days during
day time hours in the summer months, feels just a little strange.
Summer seriously?
I really haven't seen much of it so far this year. 

 Watching the rain drops daily running down on my window
listening to the never ending sound of
water pounding the ground
that nursery rhyme know the one I mean....
is playing endlessly in my head, like a broken record

go away come back another day

I'm sooooo longing for summer days....
blue sky's a warming breeze swishing through leaves
 the air filled with the perfume of beautiful flowers
cooling down with a iced drinks
and all watched over by a warm sparkling sun.

Oh.... how lovely that would be!
I can but dream!!


As a little distraction from the cold & damp I thought it be nice
I share with you a few photos from my summer living room!

I like to spin the living room around a little with every season
 and during the summer months I call our style coastal casual.  
 As far back as I can remember,
I have always been the happiest at the beach,
it's something I don't imagine will ever change!!!
The main colour in my living room is white.
White in all it's shade's makes me happy,
I have never found it to be "cold" as some people do,
when I think of white I think.... fresh, clean, fluffy
I think.... beach, shells, waves & sailing-boats.
I LoVe White!
Added to the white are splashes of blue and a tinny bit of grey.
New England meets Scandinavia I guess interior magazine
call that style, for me this look is bliss and adding
beachy pieces makes it perfect!

Each year the room spin gets a new twist with my much loved 
"vintage" pieces so that no two summers the living room looks the same. 
The sailing boats are normally all in the windows and 
big glass candle lanterns in the fire place ....not this year.


Remember my little up-cycle from last summer!
It still makes the perfect display for our new & old treasures. 
I turned it on it's side this year and with my living room
walls still unfinished I have found a temporary home 
on the side table next to the sofa. 

We have been and still are collecting little treasurers 
on beaches all along the West Coast of Scotland
to add to our eclectic mix.
With the sun just now making a rear appearance and

Mr Mc busy stripping an old but for us new sideboard 
(which will become after a lick of white paint surprise there.... our new TV unit)
I better say goodbye for today.  

I hope you enjoyed your little peek into my almost
Practically Perfect In Every-way
living room.

Until next time....
Have a wonderful weekend filled with beautiful
summer memories!


p.s. the cupcake above is another of teen Paperdolls
super yummy creations this month, how lucky am I!


  1. Oh my goodness. It seems we all want what we don't have. I just recently told my hubby that I believe I was made for English summers as I love rainy, cool overcast weather and I am so over the heat, sun and dry weather we have had lately. It seems you and I should trade houses next summer!

  2. Hi Anna - it's been some summer hasn't it - although the last few days have been gorgeous. I love your West Coast of Scotland pics - we're heading over to the other coast next month, but I'd love to get up the West again sometime - its so beautiful. It's a great idea dressing your room to suit the seasons - we certainly need something to make us feel that it's a brighter time of the year.
    Thank you for coming by my place :) Have a great week.

  3. Hello dear Anna, I agree with you, the summer can't be that cold.. When we returned from holiday in Denmark, the weather was freezing cold here! But now the summer has returned, I am so happy with that.
    Are you living by the coast? Beautiful memories you have collected from the sea... Yes summer is a time for making memories and hide them in our hearts...
    Your picket fence looks so lovely! Hope your days get a bit warmer and sunny! Ps. the cakes look really yummy!

    Love from Ida

  4. Sounds like you have had a lovely couple of trips this summer.
    Love the seashells and the little touches you have made to your home to celebrate the season.
    Lisa x

  5. Dear Anna
    What a lovely blog You have, and You write so poetic. I also love white, and my home is very white and with a little color spot here and there. You are very welcome to visit my blog.
    I will look forward to many stories from you and your little garden.

    Love Lone 🌸